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Protect Your Assets: Rodent Assessments are Here

WHAT IS PEACE OF MIND WORTH? Last month, you observed 2 rats hightailing it across your fenceline. Last week, your tomato harvest was compromised by nibbles and you ended up tossing over half of your haul. Yesterday, you thought you could hear...

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Underground Uproar - Marmots In The Okanagan

Marmots (otherwise known as Groundhogs, Woodchucks, and Whistle-Pigs, among others) have become an increasing problem in the Okanagan over the past few years, and populations are expected to continue to rise. There were days last spring where every...

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Batten Down the Hatches

Alas summer is over, fall has arrived, and we are quickly headed into (dare I say it)… WINTER. For some of the bugs in our region, this means they will be actively seeking out somewhere cozy and warm to hide away during our brisk and frosty Canadian...

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Buzz Off Wasps!

The most unwanted of all summer BBQ guests, wears a black and yellow jacket and packs quite a punch (er… sting!). Since it’s July and patio season is in full swing, here are some of our best tips for getting the wasps to change their BBQ RVSP from...

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Bird Feeders – That’s How You Get Rats

It’s no surprise that rats will eat just about anything, but they do prefer certain foods over others, and bird seed, in particular, is a HIGHLY favoured, delectable treat for rats.

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A Nightmare on Elm Tree

Welcome to Your New Nightmare

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UNLEASHING PLATINUM: The next step in pest control.

Unparalleled service. intuitive pest maintenance. unmatched skill. SIT BACK AND RELAX. We've got you covered ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅

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Why are there ants in my house in the middle of winter?!

This is question we've been hearing a lot lately, so if you have found yourself asking it as well - you're not alone! It's been a particularly active year for Odorous House Ants (yes, that's likely the culprit you're seeing!) in the southern...

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Worst Roommate EVER! When the Snow Hits, Rats Want Inside!

We all hate to say the “S” word around this time of year – but the SNOW is coming, and with it comes an influx of RATS. As the temperature drops the ground freezes, and food sources that our furry foes once had in abundance, become unavailable or...

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BugMaster Pest Control Kelowna Community Event

BugMaster in the Community

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