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Bird Feeders – That’s How You Get Rats

It’s no surprise that rats will eat just about anything, but they do prefer certain foods over others, and bird seed, in particular, is a HIGHLY favoured, delectable treat for rats.

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You Gotta Keep it Insulated: Introducing Assured Insulation


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Hasta La Vista, Termite - How to Properly Identify and Terminate Termites

In case, you were wondering… Yes, we do have termites here in the Okanagan. TONS of them! And, unfortunately, right after ‘tis the season to be jolly, ‘tis now the termite season. So, be on the lookout for these sneaky and ravenous pests. Termite...

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Not Your Usual Suspects – Termites vs. Flying Ants

You wouldn’t mistake a mouse for a rat, a spider for an ant, or a centipede for a cockroach; but you would be forgiven for mistaking a termite for a flying ant; especially if that termite was one of the winged variety. In fact, many people mistake...

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In The Dark - Take Control Of Your Attic

In this blog post we will boldly go where most haven’t gone before: The Attic. When was the last time you ventured forth into the dark, creepy-crawly space of your aforementioned attic? For most of us, the idea of adventuring into the unknown no-go...

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