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Batten Down the Hatches

Alas summer is over, fall has arrived, and we are quickly headed into (dare I say it)… WINTER. For some of the bugs in our region, this means they will be actively seeking out somewhere cozy and warm to hide away during our brisk and frosty Canadian...

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Bird Feeders – That’s How You Get Rats

It’s no surprise that rats will eat just about anything, but they do prefer certain foods over others, and bird seed, in particular, is a HIGHLY favoured, delectable treat for rats.

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What Kelowna Can Learn from the Vancouver Rat Epidemic and Project?

The Vancouver Rat Problem The rat problem in Vancouver is seriously out of control. According to Vancouver Metro, Vancouver has the highest number of rats throughout the province of B.C. And that doesn’t come as a shock to rat researchers or to our...

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Why Rats Aren't Cute

“But Dad! Don’t kill it! Our little rat friend is so cute!” says every daughter everywhere.

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