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Watch: Epic Battle as Ants Prepare for Winter in Kelowna

Winter is coming and these ants are preparing for the cold weather. As the colder months are approaching, it is critical to ensure that your home is prepared to ward off pests and keep out uninvited intruders.

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Pest Control Tips in Kelowna: Yard Maintenance Tips that Keep Pests Away

When homeowners think of keeping pests away, their first thoughts always wander to the interior of their homes. What holes need to be filled? Do I need to clean my basement every week? Do storing potatoes in my cupboards attract mice?

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Rodent Infestions - 6 Tips to Keep Your Kelowna Home Rodent Free This Fall

As summer slips away from us in Kelowna, we can begin to get excited about all the activities and holidays that come with the cooler months ahead. Thanksgiving and Christmas will bring all of our family and friends into our homes, where food, warmth...

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Ants, kelowna, odourous ants, penticton, pest control, vernon

Ant Infestations - How Quick Home Remedies Can Make Your Problem Worse

3 Common Mistakes Okanagan Homeowners Make Many homeowners are smart enough to pick up the phone and call a professional when they discover obvious signs of larger pests such as rats, racoons and squirrels. There is a much smaller pest that can be...

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BugMaster in the News!

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How Rodents Can Ruin Your Home

Your home is so much more than a simple structure where you store your personal items and rest. A home is where you should feel safe, where you spend the majority of your life, and where you share time with loved ones. Your home is familiar, warm...

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A Mouse in the Motor – How to Protect Your Vehicles from Rodents

All animals, including humans, have four basic survival needs: air, water, food and living space. However big or small we are, we need a warm and comfy place that offers protection from the elements. For mice, rats, squirrels, and other rodents,...

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Year Round Pest Control from BugMaster

It may be the holiday season, but bugs don't go on vacation. Come rain or shine, or snow, bugs can strike any time of the year. But bugs are no match for BugMaster, Kelowna's pre-eminent provider of residential and commercial pest control services...

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Bed Bugs

Wash, Spray, or Burn – The Ways and Means of Eliminating Bed Bugs

Bed bugs continue to be a biting problem in the Okanagan, with large buildings and hotels particularly difficult to treat. Infestations are on the rise, especially around the holiday season, when many people are travelling back and forth between...

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The Odorous Okanagan House Ant: A Seasonal Offender

Just like Arnold, they’re back – the odorous house ant, the seasonal offender. Odorous house ants are the pests that put you to the test. They're tenacious, resilient, rapacious, and they multiply easily and often. In other words, a one-time pest...

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