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Attack of the Carpenter Ants!

Carpenter ants have become a widespread problem throughout the Okanagan Valley, especially during the Spring season. As the weather warms up, carpenter ants will become more active, which means being more vigilant

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Termite Swarming Detection & Prevention in the Okanagan

When termites swarm, it means a group of termites leave their current colony in search of a new place to begin their own colony. A swarming is produced as a colony matures and during warmer spring weather, often following rain.

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How To Teach Your Children About Black Widows To Stay Safe In the Okanagan

Black Widow Spiders, aka poisonous arachnids, are abundant in the Okanagan Valley. Poised, elegant and fierce; it is the shiny black females with their red/orange hourglass pattern on their abdomen that we need to be aware of. The male species are...

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BugMaster's Prevention Measures for Odorous Ants In Preparation for Spring

Odorous ants get their name from the distinct odor produced when they’re crushed; it’s similar to the smell of a rotten coconut. As the weather warms up this spring, odorous ants will become a bigger threat to residents from Vernon to Penticton.

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What Kelowna Can Learn from the Vancouver Rat Epidemic and Project?

The Vancouver Rat Problem The rat problem in Vancouver is seriously out of control. According to Vancouver Metro, Vancouver has the highest number of rats throughout the province of B.C. And that doesn’t come as a shock to rat researchers or to our...

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Pest Control Advice: You’ve Been Bitten By A Black Widow, Now What?

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Watch: Epic Battle as Ants Prepare for Winter in Kelowna

Winter is coming and these ants are preparing for the cold weather. As the colder months are approaching, it is critical to ensure that your home is prepared to ward off pests and keep out uninvited intruders.

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Pest Control Tips in Kelowna: Yard Maintenance Tips that Keep Pests Away

When homeowners think of keeping pests away, their first thoughts always wander to the interior of their homes. What holes need to be filled? Do I need to clean my basement every week? Do storing potatoes in my cupboards attract mice?

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Rodent Infestions - 6 Tips to Keep Your Kelowna Home Rodent Free This Fall

As summer slips away from us in Kelowna, we can begin to get excited about all the activities and holidays that come with the cooler months ahead. Thanksgiving and Christmas will bring all of our family and friends into our homes, where food, warmth...

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Ant Infestations - How Quick Home Remedies Can Make Your Problem Worse

3 Common Mistakes Okanagan Homeowners Make Many homeowners are smart enough to pick up the phone and call a professional when they discover obvious signs of larger pests such as rats, racoons and squirrels. There is a much smaller pest that can be...

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