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WHAT IS PEACE OF MIND WORTH? Last month, you observed 2 rats hightailing it across your fenceline. Last week, your tomato harvest was compromised by.

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Last month, you observed 2 rats hightailing it across your fenceline.

Last week, your tomato harvest was compromised by nibbles and you ended up tossing over half of your haul.

Yesterday, you thought you could hear scratching on the roof. 

At times like this, how confident are you that your home is buttoned up - an impenetrable fortress? When was the last time you checked your attic, your crawlspace? How big of a hole will allow unsightly rodents to enter at will? Do you know where to look? 

For the last decade, the team at BugMaster and Assured Insulation has fine-tuned the meticulous investigation process to include every potential attractant, weak spot, and harbourage location known to hinder your fortress' ability to do it's job in keeping you safe and protected while keeping varmint OUT. 

With the newly imposed 18-month rodenticide ban in British Columbia, taking a strong defensive approach is more important than ever and exclusion is top-of-the-list. We anticipate populations are going to exceed the already-exponential rate of growth observed over the last 5 years throughout the Okanagan - we are expecting the worst this winter.  

Unfortunately, rats have made their way into every neighbourhood in the valley, from Osoyoos to Vernon and beyond. 

What we can do, is do our best to keep them out of our homes as best possible (when it comes down to it, a rat will chew through almost any type of building material if desperate enough for food). A rat can squeeze through a hole the width of a dime and a mouse, the width of a pen. Roof rats are skilled at scaling buildings and jumping across wide passages, and they can even unhinge their ribcages (<-- note, that video is not for the faint of heart: yes, a rodent can make it's way through pipes to wriggle up into your toilet: we've seen it with our own eyes!) to fit through tight spots.

A keen eye is needed to spot intrusion opportunities and they must be sealed adequately. If you're a hands-on fixer-upper, you might make short work of this task. On the other hand if you don't have a firm grasp on the in's and out's of building construction, it may be extraordinarily daunting.

Wherever you land on the scale, BugMaster is here to help!

Our 47-Point Rodent Assessment tackles inspecting the inside, the outside, and everywhere in between with a fine-toothed comb to point out any red flags and deficiencies in and around your fortress. From there, we are equipped to complete most exclusion tasks, or simply consult with us if you'd prefer to get your hands dirty with sealing off access points on your own.

We are happy to provide as much or as little assistance as needed to ensure you don't end up competing against a family of rats or mice for the title of King or Queen of your castle.

With fall well on the way, Time is of the essence with rodents looking to move indoors. schedule yours today!

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