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Ants: A$$h@les vs Nuisance

Ah, the topic of ants in the Okanagan. Complimentary to our fantastic weather during the summer months, many species of ants love to take up residence in our hot, beachside valley. With so many types of ants crawling around, it can be tough to...

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Get rid of Millipedes

Millipedes have been causing headaches for homeowners this year, big time. In a previous article we shared a Castanet News story featuring one of our technicians, George Forgie, talking about this very issue. People are being over run with...

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Are you being invaded? The low down on bed bugs

Bed bugs (also known by the Latin Cimex Lectularius L) are from the family of Cimidae, and have been with us for a very long time. In fact, humans have been dealing with bed bugs since we lived in caves - one might say they were between a rock and a...

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