Are you being invaded? The low down on bed bugs

Bed bugs (also known by the Latin Cimex Lectularius L) are from the family of Cimidae, and have been with us for a very long time. In fact, humans have.


Bed bugs (also known by the Latin Cimex Lectularius L) are from the family of Cimidae, and have been with us for a very long time. In fact, humans have been dealing with bed bugs since we lived in caves - one might say they were between a rock and a hard place.
Bugmaster pest control Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon - Common bed bug hiding placesBed bugs are oval-shaped insects appearing reddish-brown in colour, and are about the size of an apple seed. After feasting on a blood meal they become swollen and naturally increase in size when 'full'. It’s usually at this point you may notice blood smears on your bedding for this reason. For the most part, people realize that there is something wrong in their home after waking up with mysterious bites on their bodies. Usually, these bites are in a grouping of between two and four, but after a massive exposure (for example, sleeping in a heavily infested hotel) it’s common to have twenty or more bites at once. Bed bug bites are usually red and severely itchy if your body reacts to the saliva. This can lead to scarring and infection. Some people may not react at all to the bites of these critters, which can be more of a curse than a blessing since these pests are formidable at hide-and-seek (both themselves and the evidence that they’ve invaded your territory to begin with), leaving hardly any clue that they are in your space. Since these pests are primarily creatures of the night, it’s not often you will actually see them running around during the day. Indications - aside from bites - generally include cast shells or skins, blood smears on bedding and walls, or dead insects. By far the greatest risk to the psychological well-being of someone dealing with a bed bug infestation is simply lack of sleep. The thought that one is being bitten during the night makes it pretty difficult to get to sleep. Sleep deprivation is a serious issue and certainly imposes risk to all aspects of daily routine. The inability to concentrate may lead to poor work performance, dangerous driving, and may impose a negative vibe on your family life. Although not warranted, there is absolutely a social stigma associated with having bed bugs.

Early detection is key so if you suspect that you may be dealing with bed bugs it is critical to take action sooner rather than later.


Pest Control for bed bugs using high temperature heat treatment has proven to be the best and only true 100% effective method for bed bug extermination. Raising the temperature to the thermal 'kill zone' quickly kills all bed bugs and their eggs dead. No longer must you suffer with lengthy and laborious prep, nor must you subject your family to the high dose of pesticides used to treat these annoying critters in recent past. The Inferno System by BugMaster is safe, effective, and affordable bed bug heat treatment. Our reasonable rates and efficient pest control system mean that we keep the cost down.

Why choose heat treatment over chemical spray?
In many cases, multiple chemical spray treatments have little to no effect on bed bugs and technicians are relegated to a position of having to treat a home multiple times at great expense and hours of preparation before each chemical treatment.

  • The chemical spray used to kill bed bugs was never great at killing bedbugs to begin with, especially with the resurgence of what might accurately be described as a bed bug epidemic. With the increased use of chemicals used to regulate the bed bug population, these resilient critters have developed a resistance to the extermination products used to kill them. This phenomena has made the control of this pest even harder to accomplish. As a result, homeowners are experiencing the worst of two worlds – they have a greatly increased risk of being exposed to bed bugs and when they get them, it is harder to get rid of them!
  • For those with small children in the home or those living with an elderly parent, the thought of putting chemicals in their home on a repeated basis is an unpleasant one. The solution: the BugMaster Inferno System.
  • When heat is used to treat a bed bug infestation, there is no use of chemicals. The process takes only a few hours and the home is left purified of the bed bugs as well as most bacteria (our system wipes out mold at the same time!).



Bugmaster pest control Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon - Funny bed bug comicExterminating bed bugs with heat involves a simple process where the whole home is heated to a certain temperature known as the “Thermal Kill Zone”. With these pesky insects in play, the home is heated to kill zone temperatures and kept there for a period of time, wiping them out completely with no chance of survival. The heat is permeated throughout the home because bed bugs can and do hide literally anywhere. BugMaster will always guarantee assessment by free-of-charge consultation. If bed bugs are found in your home we will be able to provide a firm quote with no obligation based on the size of your home and the severity of infestation. These critters are hardy insects and difficult to detect to the untrained eye – if you suspect foul play caused by these squatters leave it to us to thoroughly investigate your quarters.

At BugMaster, we take your involvement seriously. We will always take care to thoroughly explain our methods so our clients are 100% in-the-know. For each beg bug remediation we will provide our client with a unique information package which details various items we believe will be useful to you. This will include a pre-treatment checklist detailing articles that must be removed from your home prior to treatment, as well as recommendations unique to your property meant to ensure you will never have to deal with bed bugs taking up residence in your space again.

When the BugMaster crew arrives to treat your home, we will conduct a walkthrough ensuring all listed articles have been moved and consult with you on any questions or points of interest you may have. At this point we will set up our BugMaster Inferno System equipment in your home. It will take anywhere from four to twelve hours to complete (including setup and takedown), depending on variables including, but not limited to, the size of your home and the severity of the infestation.

The BugMaster crew is able to closely monitor progress using several heat sensors placed throughout your space. These heat sensors display accurate temperatures on our laptop to ensure we reach the thermal kill range, and we will hold the temperature at this heat for a period of time. We will regularly adjust your furniture to ensure even and optimal airflow and temperature for total bed bug eradication.

So call BugMaster and sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite! Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation!