Nip It In The Bug With Our Bug Inspection

The Kelowna housing market is crazy right now! For most people, buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions they will ever make. And.


The Kelowna housing market is crazy right now! For most people, buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions they will ever make. And whether you’re a first time buyer, upgrading to a bigger home, or downgrading to a smaller one, you and your home deserve nothing less than the best. But did you know that even a quality home inspection doesn’t include a report of potential pest problems? That is why BugMaster can perform a pest inspection at the same time as a home inspector and produce a bug report that informs you of all existing or potential pest problems in your new home. It pays to be prepared, and to get any possible risk of a pest infestation identified and nipped in the bug.


During the process of buying a home, any real estate agent worth their salt will suggest to you to invest in a home and pest inspection. Before you seal the deal for buying a home, it is imperative to inspect its physical condition, and a pest inspection conducted at the same time as a home inspection is a vital component to this process. Starting with the basement or foundation to verify that no wood is in contact with soil, the professional bug-busting inspector of BugMaster is looking for wood damage, cellulose shavings on the soil near the foundation, termite tubes and tunnelling in the wooden beams. The inspector will also look for signs of mold, fungus, wood decay, dry rot, water puddles and leak damage. In addition to checking for evidence of current termite, carpenter ant, or other wood-boring insects on your property, the inspector will also check for any evidence of previous treatment (which is easy for a trained eye to see) and any wood-to-soil contact. This is a definite red flag for homeowners as wood-to-soil contact is a highway for wood-boring insects to travel right up inside your building’s structure and perhaps quite literally eat you out of house and home!


BugMaster’s bug report is a detailed and comprehensive analysis that provides applicable information not just on wood-munching termites and carpenter ants, but on any nuisances found in your home and on your surrounding property. The report includes any sightings of nuisance pests, rodents infestations, mold, and findings around the exterior that present a hotspot for insects to gather, such as excess foliage or debris in the yard, woodpiles, or greenery touching the house.


The inspection is visual only, which means the inspector won't move furniture, rip up floorboards, poke behind walls, or peel back insulation. If you’re fortunate enough to be pest-free, the inspector will help you stay that way. They know the features and conditions that invite pests into yards, homes, and buildings. After examining the home and yard during the inspection, the inspector will teach you proactive techniques that deter pests. They will also list several red flags that often indicate a potential invasion. If requested, BugMaster is capable of completing a lengthier inspection at a higher cost, though this rarely required. The regular pest inspection can be scheduled for only $100.00 + GST. This is an absolute bargain when set against the expensive cost of eliminating a pest infection once it’s occurred.

What you invest today will save you money in the long run. We guarantee it. Just like we guarantee that there isn't a bug that we can’t handle! Call BugMaster today for a no charge estimate.