Who You Gonna Call? – Choosing a Pest Control Company

Bugs are a nuisance. Period. You want them gone yesterday and you don’t want them coming back. But what’s even more of a nuisance is hiring a pest control.


Bugs are a nuisance. Period. You want them gone yesterday and you don’t want them coming back. But what’s even more of a nuisance is hiring a pest control company that doesn’t have the chops to handle the job properly. What if the pests aren’t all exterminated? What if they reoccur? What if the products the pest control company uses aren’t certified safe to use or environmentally friendly? Does the company have a good reputation? Do they guarantee their work? This is about the safety and comfort of your home, so it is essential you choose a professional, reputable, and dependable pest control company to tackle any pest infestation. Don’t just take their word for it; be proactive and look for these 5 essential criteria to find a pest control company that stands above the rest.


Make sure the pest control company you have your eye on is affiliated with a professional pest control association. These associations keep their members informed of all the latest developments in pest control methods and safety. They also ensure the members have all the latest required training in place and that they abide by strict regulations set down by the association. This ensures the pest control company you use is held up to a specific standard, is certified for their quality and safety, and has your best interests at heart.


Maintaining the standard of proper licensing and qualifications isn’t a luxury, it’s a must for any professional pest control company. Ensure that the company you hire is licensed to provide service in your area. In British Columbia, the Integrated Pest Management Act and Regulations regulates the application and disposal of pesticides within BC and requires pesticide applicators be certified. A company that keeps their licences up to date, has membership in local and national pest control associations, and stays up to date on all the latest product, methods, training, and regulations, shows a shows a true awareness and dedication to their profession. The more effort they put into upgrading their qualifications the more effort they’ll put into the job they’re doing for you. Because the company who works to be the best usually is the best.


Always ensure the company you hire has the appropriate insurance. It is vital that any company carries general liability insurance to give you a degree of protection in case of a sudden or unforeseen accident occurring while pesticides are being applied in your home. Another question to ask is whether the company carries workmen’s compensation insurance, which helps protect you should one of their employees be injured while working in or around your home. A company that has the right insurance takes itself seriously. This means they’ll take the job they do for you seriously. If you hire a company that doesn’t have insurance, you are leaving yourself vulnerable.


Make sure the company you’re looking for has the skills, equipment, and years of experience necessary to handle your pest problem. Ask questions, research the company, ask around, and read customer testimonials. If the company is good enough there’ll be plenty of people around saying so. Any reputable pest control problem will be glad to take the time to answer any questions or deal with any concerns you may have. Search online for customer reviews to find a company that is both reliable and reputable. Even if your pest problem is urgent, take time to look for an experienced and reputable company that meets your standards. You wouldn’t go to a second-rate doctor, so don’t select a second-rate pest control company.


Feeling safe and comfortable with the methods and products used by a pest control company is essential. Ask the company how they intend to rid you of your pest problem, and ask them about the products they use to ensure your home and family are protected. Any reputable company will inspect your home and outline a program to control and eradicate your pest infestation. They will tell you the extent of the problem, how they deal with it, the products they use, and any concerns they have about the operation. The company will not only deal with the problem but ensure it doesn’t happen again. Every solution has a personalised edge, so each solution must be tailored to fit your needs. These concerns may include allergies, sensitivities, age of occupants (infants or elderly residents are more vulnerable), and pets. All products used should be certified safe and your safety concerns noted and reflected in the choice of pesticides. You can even ask to see the labels on products to view the precautionary warnings.

Does the company stand behind its work? Does it guarantee only the very best service? All reputable companies will, so don’t settle for anything less.

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